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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Word Processing in Business

Software for word processing has transformed the process of writing. Word processing packages computerize the creation, editing, revision and printing of documents (such as letters, memos, and reports) by electronically processing your text data (words, phrases, sentences and paragraphs).

Top processing packages like Microsoft Word, can provide a wide variety of attractively printed documents with their desktop publishing capabilities.

These packages can also convert all documents to HTML format for publication as Web pages on corporate intranets or World Wide Web.

Word processing packages also provide advanced features. For example, a spelling checker capability can identify and correct spelling errors and a thesaurus feature helps you find a better choice of words to express idea.

You can also identify and correct grammar and punctuation errors, as well as suggest possible improvements in your writing style, with grammar and style checker functions. Another text productivity tool is an idea processor or outliner function.

It helps you organize and outline your thoughts before you prepare a document or develop a presentation. Besides converting documents to HTML format, you can also use the top packages to design and create Web pages from scratch for an internet or intranet website.
Word Processing in Business

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