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Thursday, October 1, 2020

Definition Of Weblogging

When Jorn Barger, an American blogger and editor of Robot Wisdom coined the term weblog, he described as the following: A weblogger logs all the other WebPages she founds interesting. It’s difficult to define of website, mainly due to diversity of models adopted for individual weblogs (also known as “blogs”).

This interesting weblog or a blog can be defined: “A web page containing brief, chronologically arranged items of information often informal diary-style text entries. A weblog can take the form of a diary, journal, what’s new page, or links to other websites.”

Weblogs can be seen as online diaries but arguably the most powerful metaphor is the ship log. Bloggers normally post fresh content related to their thoughts or opinions about specific or various topics.

Web log or blog, is a publication on the internet, therefore it has been credited with allowing people to developed online communities with a group of friends, club, society, classmates and professor, or the wider world because of how easy they are to create and of how accessible they are to anyone on the internet.
Definition of weblogging

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