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Monday, June 6, 2011

Access Control and Security of E-commerce

The essential E-commerce process is required for the successful operation and management of E-commerce activities. One of the processes is access control and security. E-commerce must establish mutual trust and secure access between the parties in an e-commerce transaction by authenticating users, authorizing access, and enforcing security features.

For example, these processes establish that a customer and E-commerce site are who they say they are through user names and passwords, encryption keys, or digital certificates and signatures. The

E-commerce site must then authorize access to only those parts of the site that an individual user needs to accomplish his or her particular transactions. Thus, individual usually will be given access to all resources of an E-commerce site except for others people’s accounts, restricted company data, and webmaster administration areas.

Other security process protects the resource of an E-commerce site from threats such as hacker attacks, theft of passwords or credit card numbers, and system failure.
Access Control and Security of E-commerce

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