In the emerging economy there is a new infrastructure, based on the internet, that is causing us to scrutinies most of our assumptions about the business. As a skin of networks - growing in ubiquity, robustness, bandwidth, and function - covers the skin of the planet, new models of how wealth is created are emerging.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Scope of E-commerce

Companies involved in e-commerce as ether buyer s or sellers rely on Internet based technologies, and E-commerce applications and service to accomplish marketing, discovery, transaction, processing, and product and customer services processing. 

For example, electronic commerce can include interactive, marketing, ordering, payment, and customer support process at E-commerce catalog and auction site on the World Wide Web, extranet access of inventory databases by customers and suppliers, intranet access of customer relationship management systems by sales and customer collaboration in product development via E-mail and internet newsgroup. 

Many companies today are participating in or sponsoring three basic categories of electronic commerce applications, business-to-consumer, business-to-business and consumer-to-consumer E-commerce. However, many E-commerce concepts apply to such applications. 

Business to Consumer or B2C In this form electronic commerce, business must develop attractive electronic marketplaces to entice and sell product and services to consumer. For example, many companies offer E-commerce websites that provide virtual storefronts and multimedia catalogs, interactive order processing, secure electronics payment system, and online customer support. 

Business to Business or B2B This category involves both electronic business marketplace and direct market links between businesses. For example, many companies offer secure Internet or extranet E-commerce catalog websites for their business customers and suppliers. Also very important are B2B E-commerce portal that provide auction and exchange marketplace for businesses. Others may rely on electronic data interchange (EDI) via internet, or extranet for computer to computer exchange of E-commerce documents with their larger business customer s and suppliers. 

Consumer to Consumer or C2C The huge success of online auctions like eBay, where consumers can buy and sell with each other in an auction process at an auction website, make this E-commerce model an important E-commerce business strategy. 
The Scope of E-commerce

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