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Friday, July 29, 2011

Why are Search Results Different for Different Search Engine?

If you use two different search websites, you will get different results even if you enter the same search words.

Two things can account for this. First, the two search sites that you are comparing might be using different underlying search engines. For instance, Google and MSN each have their own search programs. These programs are different in both methodology and algorithms they use to search the Internet.

Also, each search websites uses its own interface, way of deciding results, and methods of presenting results. Some search sites use the same underlying search technology but have different fronts end.

For instance, the Google search engine is used by both the Google website and Amazon’s search Web utility, which is called A9 (

Some of the search results from A9 will be the same as those from Google, but A9 also includes results from internet Movie Database (INDB), definitions, translation and background information from and books of Amazon. So A9 results will be quite different from Google results even though they use the same underlying search mechanism.

Just to set the record straight, although there is a difference between a search engine and a search tool, most people use these terms interchangeably. To be absolutely accurate, a search engine is the software program that actually searches for the information you request. A search utility or search tool is a program that presents you with the results.

So the engine provides the search power and the back end. The utility or tool is the front end, including what you see on the screen. Whatever you call them, a lot of websites will help you scour the Internet of the information you want.
Why are Search Results Different for Different Search Engine?

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