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Sunday, April 18, 2021

Google Meet apps

Technological developments have resulted in many applications popping up and can be used through portable devices, including Zoom, Google Meet, WhatsApp, Facebook, and others.

Google Meet is an alternative to common web conferencing like Zoom and Skype that can be accessed from any device by using the Google Meet app or going to on Google Chrome or FireFox.

Google Meet is a video conferencing app provided by Google Workspace. It is the business-oriented version of Google's Hangouts platform and is suitable for businesses of all sizes.

It’s suitable for organizations looking for an inexpensive video conferencing solution, and is a sound option for existing G Suite customers who need a reliable and secure video meeting tool without the frills.

With Google Meet, the user can host video calls with up to 150 people, depending on the service plan selected.

There is a 60-minute conference session. After completing one session, the user can add another time to continue your session.
Google Meet apps

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