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Friday, June 9, 2017

User interface management system

In the early 1980's, the concept of a user interface management system or UIMS was an important focus area for the then-forming user interface software research community.

The term was coined after Data Base Management System (DBMS); in the same way a DBMS is a tool that helps to create and access a database, a UIMS should be a tool that helps create and utilize user interfaces.

UIMS aim at generating user interfaces based on application models and styles rules. With this approach a user interface designer is relieved from presentation details and can concentrate on design of interaction semantics.

User interface tools have made progress in producing widget sets and construction environments for designers for interfaces of standard menus, windows, boxes and buttons.

A UIMS usually provides tools to define:
*Lexicon tokens and their bindings to hardware devices
*Sequences of dialogue steps and
*The routing of tokens to appropriate semantical processing places, i.e., the interface to the application
User interface management system
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