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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Java language programming

The logic behind any computer program, whether it is an application or system program, determines the exact order of instructions needed to produce desired results.

A high-level programming language allows the user to use a vocabulary of reasonable terms, such as read, write, or add instead of the sequences of 1s and 0s that perform these tasks. Java is powerful, cross-platform and object-oriented programming language developed by Sun Microsystems, Inc., to create executable content that can be easily distributed through networks like the internet.

One reason Java has become popular is that Java programs can enhance pages on the World Wide Web. Most web browsers in common use can understand Java, so the user can include Java programs on his web page and anyone anywhere in the world can use his program.
A Java program that appears in the World Wide Web is called an applet. The other type of Java program is called an application.

Most people using a computer already have access to a Java platform. Web browsers typically include the Java platform and most desktop computers also provide the capability of executing standalone Java code that does not require the use of a browser.

Java’s inheritance capability allows programmers to modify or extend APIs (application programming interfaces) rather than start from the scratch; thus many applications require little detailed coding. RAD (rapid application development) environments can be used to manage what coding remains.
Java language programming
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