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Friday, February 10, 2017

What is deadlock state in operating system?

A system is in deadlock if a set of transaction exist such that each transaction in the set waits on another transaction in the same set to continue its own processing.

 Since the potential for deadlock exists in any concurrent programming system, procedures must be provided for handling their occurrences. Three strategies have been described, namely: prevention strategies, detection strategies and recoveries strategies.

There are two main solutions to the deadlock problem. A deadlock prevention protocol can be used to ensure that the system never enters a deadlock state. Deadlock prevention or deadlock avoidance has been designed such that packets request and wait for resources in such way as to avoid the formation of deadlocked configuration of messages or otherwise guarantee progress.

Alternatively, one may allow the system to enter a deadlock state, and then recover from the deadlock using a deadlock detection and resolution scheme. Given a deadlock situation, the simplest recovery method would be to abort each of the deadlocked jobs or tasks; or in the case where they hold preemptible resources to preempt the resources.
What is deadlock state in operating system?
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