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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Google Scholar

Google Scholar is Google’s search engine designed especially for research journals, books, and reports.

It works very well for finding relevant research on most topics, although it has some gaps and should not be considered a complete listing. Google Scholar indexes individual articles rather than journals and searches a wider variety of sources than other search tools that are geared toward a specific discipline.

As a result, a search in Google Scholar will typically provide a much a larger number of results. Abstract and some full-text articles are provided free of charge but many abstracts will link to a source that is not free.

Google Scholar has already generated a number of articles including a handful that specifically investigate its content as compared to that of a library’s catalog and its subscription resources.

Since Google Scholar was introduced in 2005 other internets service providers have tried to follow its lead and offer search interfaces to the scholarly literature.
Google Scholar
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