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Thursday, September 22, 2016

What is tagging?

Tagging is the flavor of the internet these days. With the explosion of social networking, an dost like Facebook, Stumble Upon, Twitter, everyone is in the mode to tag and ‘like’ content. Tagging allows individuals to use whatever terms they think are appropriate to describe an item.

Tagging roots extend back to classical Greece and the Roman Empire, when individuals would make ‘their mark’ or scratch their inscriptions on walls, which have come to known today as graffiti.

With the growing popularity of tagging, more and more tags have been collected by a variety of applications.

An item may be associated with tags describing its different aspects, such as appearance, functionality and location. It is also called keywords or tags, for future navigation, filtering, search and retrieval.

Because tagging is open-ended, tags can be just about any kind of term, they can be descriptions of the resource’s subject matter, its location, it intended use, a reminder or something else entirely.

Different people have different tagging patterns, - some people’s tags are more expressive, while others are merely descriptive.
What is tagging?

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